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Lisa Rader

My beloved baby and best friend, Deuce, a year old male Blue Heeler somehow ran out my front door during the ice storm we had 2 weeks ago. He had been out about 30 minutes when I discovered him and I was frantic to find him, it was brutally cold outside and he is basically an indoor dog. I live in a small town and figured he wouldn't go far as he had never wandered off before. We looked for hours the first night without sucess. I did exactly the things I just read in the article above, printed fliers and posted them,ad in the newspaper, notified the animal control, the vets, had friends searching for him daily. A lovely , kind woman called about 4 days after he disappeared and said she had seen him in a creek bed in a certain location. I was elated as it seemed he had dropped off the planet, no one had seen him or called the number on his tags. We drove to the location, my kids on foot with flashlights and I drove around in my truck....we found him about an hour later chasing a cat across a road!Tears of joy flowed.....even Deuce seemed to be crying with happiness. Several people have called since we found him to tell me they had seen him out in the cold and had tried to feed him and get close enough to read his tags but he wanted no part of them. He is such a loyal and wonderful friend, I cherish him all the more because my son gave him to me as a Christmas present. I just wanted to write this as encouragement to those who are searching for their lost pets, don't give up hope, keep looking and follow the suggestions on this page!
Lisa Rader
A Blue Heeler Mama in Oklahoma


We have found a blue heeler with very distinct markings. He needs his family back. Very Sweet Pup. Must identify correctly. Will take him to our vet to see if he has a microchip. He's being taken very good care of till he gets home! Water St. area of Elmsprings, AR. Call 479-856-3423

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